SCOUT & GUIDE 2010-11






Mr. R.Nallappan  PRINCIPAL District Commissioner
2 Mrs.Meenakshi Vishwanathan T.R LT(G),Divisional Training Commisioner of KVS Chennai Region
3 Mr.E.rangaswamy Vice Principal HWB(S)
4 Mrs.Manimegalai Shankar ADV(G)
5 Mr.Balram Singh yadav HWB(S)
6 Mr.Sandeep Kumar Basic(S)
7 Mr.Jitendra Singh Rawat Basic(S)
8 Mr.Kailash Chandra Raiger Basic(S)
9 Mr.Rishikesh Meena Basic(S)
10 Mr.Anil Kumar Basic(S)
11 Mr.Rajdeep Kaushik Basic(S)
12 Mr.Surendra Kumar Rout Cub-Master
13 Mr.Srinivas Hati Basic(S)
14 Mrs.Bhanupathy Pati Pre-ALT (B)(F)
15 Mrs.Sudha ADV(F)
16 Mrs.Savithri Basic(Cub)
17 Mrs.Shyla V.K. Adv(cub)
18 Mrs.G.Uma Basic(G C)
19 Mrs.Ashalatha G Basic(G C )


Mrs.Nandhini Basic(G C )




1.Tritiya sopan testing camp held at KV ottappalam.Scouts nad guides attended the testing camp .All were qualified successfully, 10 guides and 14 scouts.

2.Rajya  puruskar - 2 scouts and 2 guides were attended the pre-rajya puruskar held at KV Vijaya Narayanam and all were qualified for rajya puruskar award testing camp.

3.Rajya puruskar award testing camp - had conducted at KV no.2 Tambaram from 6th to 10th october 2009.All the four qualified and they are eligible to attend Rastrapati camp.

Name:: Janani  IX    , Amrith T (S) , Jaysree IX  ,Sivakalyan

4.2 Scouts and 2 Guides namely - Benzil P John X (S) ,Madhan Raj X (S) ,P.Veena  X (G) ,Madhavi X (G)  attended the Rashtrapati award testing camp held at NYC Gadpuri Hariyana from 12th sept. to 16th sept. 2009.All are qualified ,they brought laurels to the school.

5.We use to collect the stationaries ,clothes ,rice ,vegetables ,biscuits twice in a year and used to give it to the orphanages .

6.We conducted medical campaign at Kalappatti ,polio vaccination etc and also eye campaign with the eye foundation doing services in the G.R. Hospital Udyampalayam.

7.We registered our school for Prime Minister shield competition project for doing various types of services in the village.

8.Community Development project has undertaken along with the G.R.Hospital and Kalappatti people.

9.Topics are alloted for scout masters/Guide captains for the prime minister competition project

10.Undertaken many activities like hike services in the villages ,service in the hospital ,checking tempertaure ,observing the blood pressure ,etc.

11.Celebrated Gandhi jayanti ,had all faith paryer meeting and distributed notebooks to Mother Terasa Illam at Pulikulum.

12.Proposed the hike program for scout/Guides and adventure club in the 4th week of November 2009.




1.Mrs.Meenakshi Viswanathan T.R.   LT(G) DTC of KVS Chennai Region conducted TST camp ,pre-rajya puruskar camp at Adoor ,KV Vijayanarayanam and escorted the Rashtrapathi Award guides of KV CBE and Chennai Region to NYC gadpuri hariyana.

2.Mrs.Sophiya Nair and Mr.Surendra Kumar escorted all the scouts and guides to KV Ottapallam and Mrs.manimeglai escorted 2 scouts /2 guides for rajya Puruskar at KV no.2 Tambaram.



Scout /guide celebration days

Weekly activities

Vana  mohotsav on 22 nd June/July 2010.

Air force authorities planted trees in our vidyalaya premises.

1 and 18 th of august

Uniform checking was done by our dist. Comm. (s) dist.II unit wise for scouts / Guides/Cubs/Bulbuls/Scouters/Guiders.

25TH August

Pioneering Project and basic knot were demonstrated by the Rastrapathi   Scouts/ Guides along with team of Guiders/ Scouters.

Teaching basic knot ( FIRST TWO)

Sadbhavane diwas / Independence day celebrated.

28th August: Had been to velliyangiri hills and dhyanalingam temple as a trecking service and meditation was done .

Donated tree ton dhyanalingam temple @ Rs. 2000/- on behalf of the vidyalaya scouts/guides/ cubs/bulbuls/scouters/guiders.


September -2010

Investiture ceremony for other half of pravesh  level scouts/guides .Basic knots ,knots base/patrol wise.

Teachers incharge and Rashtrapathi students will teach and test the basic knots.

Hospital service done in G R hospital , Udayampalayam . competition conducted on national integration day and Hindi Pakhwada.

October 2010

Scouts/guides were working as a volunteers of cluster,regional and national level sports 24 hours orey were on duty.

Vigilance awareness week rally conducted in around of school campus.Photo graphs taken.

November2010:Celebrations of November 7th,Communal Harmony Slogan writing on Communal Harmony.




3 Souts/2 guides.Namely

Master:Bezil P.John   XI   K.V.CBE

Master:Madhan Raj   XI   K.V.CBE

Master:Lijin Selvens  XII   [K .V .Kanjikode] now in K.V.Coimbatore

Miss:R.Veena   XI[left school]

Miss:Madhavi  XI K.V. CBE

Were received Rashtrapathi Award certificates from BS & G NHQ lastmonth

2 scouts/1 guide attended Rajpuraskar Award  Testing Camp  at K.V.No. 1Dehu road and K.V.07 Pune from 24.07.2010 to 28.07.2010

Pre.RajyaPuraskar Testing Camp Conducted in K.V. Coimbatore on 21.04.2010 from Chennai Region Scouts / Guides.40 Guides/40 Scouts participated  in the  camp.


40+40 Scouts/Guides were qualified to attend the Rashtrapathi   Award Testing Camp in the 4th coming year  [ie] [2011 -12]


Tritiya Sopan Camp conducted at K.V.Wellington for Guides and K.V. Sulur for boys

28 Scouts/24 Guides participated and qualified for the same.





 Mr.Jay singh  PRT  of  Mr.Vivek Trivedi  PRT   attended  one  basic  cub  master’s  course  at  perambu , S.RLY  state   campus  from  19th   to  26th  april 2010.

Mr.Dinesh  PRT / Mr.Ravinath   PRT attended  one basic scout master’s  course  at  kerala  state  training  centre , Calicut from   20th to 26th april 2010.

Mrs. Meenakshi  Viswanathan  T.R.  LT [G] DTC  of   KVS  Chennai  R.O  conducted  basic/ advanced course for Guide captain’s  course  at  B’lore  from  10th   to 17th april  and 20th to 26th April at kerala  St.trisng centre Calicut. She went to NTC  Pachmarhi  to  assist H.W.B. course  for Guide  captain’s   from  May  3rd to 10th 2010.

Principal Mr.R.Nallapan , attended the  advanced Commissioners  course    at  NTC  Pachmarhi  from 1st  to 7th may.He  was  the  only  Principal  in  whole  KVS participated in the camp.

Mrs. Meenakshi  Viswanathan  T.R  L.T [G] DTC  of   KVS  Chennai  division acted   as  an artificial for  Rajya Puraskar   testing  camp  on Sep 2010.


One day Pre-Rajya Puraskar conducted in K.V COIMBATORE . All these scouters / guiders / cubmasters / flock leaders  were  involved in this camp.
MRS.Manimegalai  Adv. [G] captain escorted  the scouts/guides for to  Kv  pune    dehuroad to attend  one Rajya Puraskar    camp  from 24 28 .07 .2010 .


Mrs.Meenakshi Viswanathan  T.R.L.T [G] DTC of kvs  Chennai  region  had  gone  to  Bangalore to conduct   the training  course for Guide captain at k.v  Malleswaran  Bangalore from 13.10.2010 to 20.10.2010.